Culture and Spirit

Passion and Love to manufacture World Class Quality Toilet Seat Covers and the wide range of 300+ different models of toilet seats,  various shapes and designs, research for innovation, craftsmanship and experience based on a sixteen-year-old tradition in the Seat Cover sector, but also a forward-looking perspective, to anticipate contemporary needs and improve our quality of life and improve Living standard of People.

For ADSHANK this means having a business Culture.

To improve the living standard of people, serving the needs of those who, through their work, encourage the company’s day-to-day growth, putting man at the center of the company’s dynamics and striving to develop customer relations even further.

For ADSHANK this means having a Spirit.

Our present is based on these two fundamental and inseparable values.
Our future is made of all those who want to share them.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Premium Quality Commode/ Toilet Seat Cover.

Adshank Industries having factory Location in Goa, India caters to wide range of Markets such as Hotels, Residential, Projects etc.

Future upcoming Projects :-

  1. Manufacture of World Class / Premium Quality – Sanitaryware
  2. Manufacture of Engineered Wood Panels/Boards.

Adshank Industries, manufactures more then 300+ different seat cover models, suitable respectively perfectly in Shape and Size to various Sanitary-ware EWC/Commode models of all Indian and International Sanitary-ware Brands.

Adshank  Seat Covers – are available both with both options of Soft Close and Non Soft Close Hinges.

Adshank Seat Covers are designed Strong, for Durability and Guaranteed Luxury. Factory fitted with Strong Stainless Steel Hinges – Unbreakable and Last long.

Adshank Seat Covers – provides guaranteed good Bathroom Luxury and pleasant bathroom Ambiance , add Aesthetic Value to Commode and Bathroom, adds good feel experience and provides high degree of hygiene.

Why Us ?

300 different models of Commode Seat Covers 87%
Seat Covers are of Luxurious 75%
Seat Covers are designed Strong and for Durability 90%
add Aesthetic Value to Commode and Bathroom 85%

Looking for a World-Class Commode Seat Covers ?