Model –  AI 2001B-PBn,  is suitable for Parryware Casacde, Hindware Constellation and Cera Clair model. Perfect fit for Parryware Cascade .

Please call / whatsapp      :      9326127353 / 7875767353

Email  : sales@adshankindustries.com

Please call or whatsapp  : 9326127353 / 7875767353

or Email : sales@adshankindustries.com

Yes. It is suitable for Cera Cardiff Commode/Pot

Yes for a normal or conventional Hindware toilet seat.

The thickness of the seat is 18 mm + 10 mm Bush/Buffer height. All together 28 mm from commode surface.

Absolutely safe. Using it since long time
By Amazon Customer on 19 April, 2019

By Jagdeep Garg on 21 September, 2019

Adshank Toilet Seats are made of recycled wood material and are manufactured with top water resistant coating. Intermittent water splash or shower on seat will not cause harm to the seat. Also a glass wall or divider or a shower curtain may be used in between the commode area and shower area to avoid water splash on the seat . However , for Best results and longer life of Seat, it is upto your choice and responsibility to use it as per company product usage and guidelines


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